About Us

Fahaliyas, a non-alcoholic perfume brand, has excelled and become Pakistan's foremost perfume brand.

Fahaliyas, a fine perfume brand that originated 50 years ago and set the standard for perfumes in its time, has been selling the best perfume fragrances since then, amassing a genuine fanbase that persists to this day.

Fast forward to today, we have embraced modern tastes and preferences in perfumes. We have transformed our style in a modern way, maintaining the tradition of perfumes while reintroducing them authentically for modern tastes.

And that's not all—we have a large family of loyal followers on Facebook and a genuine following on Instagram. In addition, we have made a strong impression on Pakistani e-commerce platforms like Daraz, where we have garnered satisfied customer reviews.

From its origins as an OG brand to becoming today's beloved favorite, Fahaliyas has achieved remarkable success.