Terms Related To Shipping

1. Home Delivery within Karachi by our Delivery Rider. All over Pakistan by V.V.P Post Parcel Service.

2. Delivery Charges for 1-7 pieces: 200/- PKR (Approximately).

3. Delivery time: 3-5 Business Days.

4. Complete Order will be Delivered. Item unavailability will be informed by SMS or Phone Call.

5. Delivery Time varies depending on your City.

6. No changes in Items & Shipping Address after the Order is Confirmed.

7. Our Delivery Rider will contact you to confirm your Location and availability.

8. Do not miss delivery time as our Delivery Rider will contact you before approaching.

9. At Delivery Time, check the Item names & Quantity. Do not open the product seal. In case of any shortage, immediately contact FAHALIYAS sales department at 0312-9234844.

10. We will inform Order status after dispatching your Order.

11. For any complaints about the Delivery Rider, contact us immediately at 0312-9234844.